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By - Tamara Waters

Five Social Media Marketing Trends That Marketers Should Know

Trends are always developing throughout time. It affects people to become more familiar with many changes around them, such as the online marketplace. The vast majority of all potential changes are happening in social media advertising (SMM). Social media advertising is a dynamic and booming platform that works with massive reach and increased customer engagement. Nearly 91% of retailers and 81% of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have initiated some social media activity in the past year. Therefore, it is beneficial to implement and improve social media marketing for your business. These are some social media marketing trends you should know;

personalized content

Personalized Posts

In the new decade, a typical trend in social media advertising will likely be the use of more personalized posts to engage customers. Many people are skeptical that brands and marketers will be able to personalize their social media content for different customer segments. We’ll have to wait and see on this one. However, brands can personalize their ads on many social media platforms for a variety of target segments. Several social media platforms are already offering new ways for business owners to personalize their ads. This way, ads appear to users perfect with the perfect details. Therefore, people decided to perform this trend to create the uniqueness of their businesses.

Instagram Feeds

Instagram has introduced several changes. It starts with changes to the Instagram feed or hiding likes to reduce the number of followers issued. The social platform is launching a tool to monitor audiences and assess the trustworthiness of its customers’ accounts. Other changes include implementing native programming with Creator Studio, such as shareable stickers, and the ability to tag users and re-share stories.

Campaign Budget Optimization social media campaign

CBO is a new feature that maximizes the distribution of a campaign’s funds while collecting shares. With CBO, Facebook will mechanically pull the best opportunities for ad results based on your targeting along with your ad collections. It will then allocate your budget in real-time for the best results. Creating a campaign could attract more audiences. Therefore, more people will recognize the existence of your website.

Live Videos

live videosLinkedIn Live allows individual users and owners to broadcast live videos. To broadcast live video, you must use the LinkedIn Live app or speak with a LinkedIn Marketing Choice representative to get approved. After being approved, click on “Link account” along with LinkedIn Live. Then, you need to choose whether you want to go live on your profile or your small business page. Besides, people now could create live videos on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and some marketplace. Therefore, this trend becomes more accessible for everyone.

Social Media Engagement

Major social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are popular for their different social content. Today, many social media platforms in the market are becoming popular. Like local search engine optimization or SEO, businesses are focusing more on targeting local audiences through social media advertising to attract more natural traffic. Most business owners and manufacturers have integrated location targeting to attract users’ attention. Therefore, it is beneficial to increase the engagement in your social media to broaden your audiences.…