SEO myths you should not believe
By - Donna Harper

Most Popular Myths About SEO

Search engine optimization is just one area of marketing that is never constant and is always changing. Through this process of analyzing some and eliminating some approaches, we tend to learn about certain myths as well. Speaking of SEO Myths, many are no longer valid due to the recent updates that Google has presented in its calculations, but the number of people who understand them is still low. Therefore, in this article, we will look at the most popular myths about SEO that you should know and learn the truth of each.

SEO myths you should not believe

SEO is No Longer Need

This is one of the biggest SEO myths that need to be buried. Whenever a keyword is typed into search engines, users see pages associated with that particular keyword, called SEO. When the ads appear, they are used for PPC advertising, just another approach to getting conversions. The truth is that SEO is not dead as others claim. When you compare the search engine optimization techniques of the past with today’s search engine optimization strategies, there are many improvements. It could be problematic that a strategy used for many search engine optimization attempts is not effective and does not give the expected results.

Valuable Contents Will Automatically Rank High

SEO myths you should not believeThe popular phrase “content is king” is not entirely true. If that were the case, then people who create the same content repeatedly should be ranked in addition to the search engines. But they don’t. Many spammers use this approach to get high rankings in search results, but it’s useless. In fact, there need to be some adjustments, such as valuable content and a good SEO strategy that contributes to higher rankings.

The thing is, while search engines love new and valuable posts, that doesn’t automatically mean there isn’t an attempt to crawl and display them. To attract search engines, you need to help crawlers discover recently published content. Producing and delivering a website to Google helps your bot efficiently crawl all populated pages of a domain name. It means Google will understand where each page of a website is located. Furthermore, Google will also know the pages that doesn’t need to include in the SERPs.

Links Are No Longer Needed

Today, many people argue that link building is no longer needed and dangerous. In reality, however, hyperlinks are crucial and become one of the most crucial ranking factors. Some people avoid Google’s penalties and therefore want nothing to do with link building, and instead of SEO, they use PPC. You may have noticed many times that “link building is dead” or maybe “link building is harmful”. Those are the reasons why people believe this myth.

The fact is that link building should be an essential part of the SEO program and a significant one. However, they should be actual links associated with the website and are happy to be published on the web. Low-quality link building is not safe. Improving the reputation of a website through poor quality links will make link building useless. Thus, it is best to create an excellent traffic building network and generate high-quality and insightful content that will provide value to the audience and convince other websites to connect with this information.…